Walk For Homeless Youth
The Floyd Honey Foundation advocates for homeless youth in Toronto. We actively involve young people in our initiatives, and partner to provide shelter and transitional housing. Please help!
Create Your Event
10 Steps to Creating a Successful Event!

1. Connect with the Floyd Honey Foundation

Once you know that you want to coordinate a fundraising event, it is important to contact the Foundation so that we can provide you with information, resources and templates to help you run your event. We can discuss what we will be able to help you with, and what we cannot do. Please be aware you must receive permission from the Foundation to organize an event. Contact information can be found here.

Planning Committee

2. Form a planning committee

The probability of success of any special event is increased by the enthusiasm and dedication of the people who plan and organize it. Your planning committee should have enough members to share the work, and should include members with a variety of experience and skills.

3. Establish goals

Have realistic and measurable goals. If this is the first time you are running an event, set realistic goals for number of participants, amount of money you want to raise, number of sponsors you want to support your event, etc. This will help you to accurately gauge the scale of your event, create a realistic time line and have an idea of how many volunteers you will need to help you.

4. Brainstorm ideas

Give free reign to your imagination. Several heads are better than one! Think about where the event might be held, when, how you might get sponsors on board, and how you might promote your event and get participants to join in. Will you have other ways to raise money going on at the event?

Planning Committee

5. Understand what permits/permission/insurance you may need to have

If you will be using city streets or sidewalks and/or public spaces, you need to understand what permits (and possible requirements you will have to meet) and / or permission you need to have before you book and promote your event.

6. Schedule the event

Schedule your event for a time that is appropriate and convenient for those who will be attending. You will need to know what else is happening in your community that day to be sure the date will be most appropriate for your community and planning committee.

7. Create a budget

Identify possible sources of income and all potential expenses. If you keep costs down, you'll generate a bigger donation - something everyone will feel good about! The budget section of the event proposal is a useful tool to clearly outline your business plan.

8. Promote and publicize

Publicity and promotion are key to a successful event, so get out there and promote, promote, promote. Remember to have all your materials approved before they are printed. The Floyd Honey Foundation logo and name Walking Home are registered trademarks and all uses of either must be approved by the Foundation.

9. Collect the funds

We ask that all funds be forwarded to the Floyd Honey Foundation office within 90 days after your event. Please allow four to eight weeks from that date for tax receipts to be issued (see information regarding receipting - some proceeds from your event are non-receiptable).

10. Thank, thank, thank

Here's the most important part: please acknowledge everyone who participated in or supported your activity and let them know how much you appreciate their help. They would also be proud to hear how much money was raised!

Fundraising Tips

1. In addition to collecting pledges, you can add fun activities to your fundraising plan

The money you raise with these types of events can be entered as an anonymous pledge on a separate pledge form. Try some of these ideas or come up with one of your own.

2. Kick-off party

Host a small celebration to launch your team and build the excitement. Ask if your company would make a donation to start the team's fundraising - have a cheque presentation at the kick-off event.

3. Casual days at work

Have staff pay $3 to dress down. Impose fines on those who are just a little too casual!

4. Reserved parking

Auction an executive's parking spot for the winner's use for a week. Check when your boss will be on vacation and use his/hers.

5. Baby photo contest

Post team members' baby pictures and charge a few dollars to guess who they grew up to be. Award a prize to the winner and add the proceeds to your team total.

6. Change jars

Ask everyone to drop their spare change in a jar. Have departments compete to collect the highest total and/or fill their jar the fastest.

7. Bake sale or potluck

Have team members contribute food items for a bake sale or potluck meal. Charge others to purchase the baked goods or enjoy a meal.

8. 50/50 draw

Sell draw tickets for a few dollars. The winner keeps half the money collected, and the other half goes to your team's fundraising total. And if the winner chooses to make a pledge with the winnings, s/he will receive a tax receipt!

9. Double your money!

Contact the Human Resources department to ask about your company's matching funds policy. If there isn't an existing program, ask if they would consider matching funds raised by your team. Encourage your team members and donors to ask their companies for matching gift forms. Many people are not aware this is even an option.

10. Garage sales, car washes, raffles, etc.

Don't forget about these tried and true fundraisers.