Walk For Homeless Youth
The Floyd Honey Foundation advocates for homeless youth in Toronto. We actively involve young people in our initiatives, and partner to provide shelter and transitional housing. Please help!
Why We Walk

The Floyd Honey Foundation initiatives provide opportunities for those who care about homeless young people in our city to show support in a practical way.

In the past, proceeds from our events and pledges supported initiatives designed to break the cycle of homelessness among Canada's youth, including Touchstone Youth Centre, Raising the Roof's Youthworks initiative, and Eva's Phoenix. All of these organizations support and promote innovative programs that build self-sufficiency and help young people move permanently off the street.

What does $100 provide for at Eva's Homeless Youth Shelter?

Gives five youth support with groceries for a week (budget is $20 per youth per week)
Enables 4 Phoenix community dinners for 25-30 youth (supplemented with food donations)
Supports a youth to go to school for 4 weeks
Supports 80% of metro pass cost ($121) for youth's first month at a new job
Eva's Initiatives

Our Vision

The Floyd Honey Foundation is an acknowledged advocate for homeless youth in Toronto. Actively involving young people in our initiatives, we network and partner with the public, not-for-profit and private sectors to help provide shelter and transitional housing with full services. Through our support, at-risk youth can gain the skills and confidence to reintegrate into society.