Walk For Homeless Youth
The Floyd Honey Foundation advocates for homeless youth in Toronto. We actively involve young people in our initiatives, and partner to provide shelter and transitional housing. Please help!
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Walk for Homeless Youth

Click here for pictures of Walk for Homeless Youth (formerly known as Winter Walk)

The Floyd Honey Foundation invites you to support WHY 2013, the 6th annual event.

Independent, private and public schools are invited to join us in supporting a fundraiser of the Floyd Honey Foundation. Schools are encouraged to pre-register and enter teams to help us raise much needed funds for young people who are without a place to call home. The event has grown substantially since it started in 2008 and we are expecting 2013 to be the biggest year yet!

2008: 3 schools, 250 students
2009: 7 schools, 550 students
2010: 9 schools, 800 students
2011: 10 schools, 900 students
2012: 9 schools, 600 students
2013: 8 schools, 550 students
Tuesday, March 4th, 2014: WE NEED YOU! Grade 6-10 classes are welcome to join our 7th annual walk which is open to independent, private and public schools for 2014!

Registration Fee

Each student is required to raise pledges of at least $30. Otherwise, a $30 registration fee, which is not tax receiptable, will be charged.

The Event

A fundraising walk through downtown Toronto
Please note that while support and sponsorship are invited from all, participation in the walk is limited to pre-registered schools
Winter Walk
Tuesday, March 4, 2014: 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Begins at Sterling Hall School (map) and ends at Eva's Phoenix (map)
Schools can choose either to walk the full route with SHS (about 17 km) or to meet us en route or at Queen's Park which is mid-way
Snack station at Upper Canada College which is en route
Post-walk celebration with BBQ lunch

The Cause

Proceeds will support Eva's Phoenix, a transitional housing and employment training facility for homeless youth.

The Details

Police escorts every step of the way and a snack station at Upper Canada College (en route)
Dress in team t-shirts (XXL over your winter coat!), toques, etc. and carry banners or placards to promote your school's involvement in solutions to youth homelessness
Tax receipts will be provided for all donations over $20
Set up your own Giving Page on the internet for donations - Click here for more info

A Wall of Fame will be created at Eva's Phoenix in 2013. The names of all students (and their schools) who raised a minimum of $150 or 10 pledges of $5 or more each will be inscribed. The categories are:

GOLD: $250 OR 20 pledges
SILVER: $200 OR 15 pledges
BRONZE: $150 OR 10 pledges
Note: For Wall of Fame qualification the minimum pledge value is $5.

To find out more or to enter your school contact:

Luke Coles
Principal, Blyth Academy
Former Vice Principal, The Sterling Hall School
(416) 488-9301
[email protected]

Mary Ann Archer, Chair or Rod Archer, CEO
Floyd Honey Foundation
(416) 766-8505
[email protected] or [email protected]

Past Events

Walking Home, the Floyd Honey Memorial Walk 2004-2008 (public walk)

Walking Home, the Floyd Honey Memorial Walk, held in the fall, provided an opportunity for those who care about the homeless young people in our city to show support in a practical way. Our walkers and fundraisers demonstrated their commitment to the cause, year after year, until 2008.

The 2008 walk brought over 500 walkers, who, along with Direct Energy and our other sponsors, brought in almost $100,000. The fundraising efforts supported Eva's Phoenix and Raising the Roof's Youthworks initiative, helping homeless young people find a way off the street and into a life of their own. Thanks to everyone for joining in this important event and showing that you care for Toronto's homeless young people!

In 5 years, Walking Home raised $500,000.

Because of the economic climate and the cost of presenting Walking Home, this fall event has been suspended in favour of our Walk for Homeless Youth (which was formerly known as Winter Walk) for students of pre-registered schools. Suspension of the public walk does not mean that the problem of youth homelessness has disappeared. It means simply that your contribution is more important than ever.

Winter Walk 2008-2011 (independent schools)

Winter Walk was re-branded in 2012 as Walk for Homeless Youth (WHY) which better reflects our mandate.