Walk For Homeless Youth
The Floyd Honey Foundation advocates for homeless youth in Toronto. We actively involve young people in our initiatives, and partner to provide shelter and transitional housing. Please help!
How To Donate

There are three ways to donate:

  1. Create your own Personal Giving Page to collect online donations, or download a pledge form, collect money and start your own walk!
  2. Support a Walker! If you know someone who is walking, you can sign their pledge form. To check if they have their own Personal Giving Page online, click here.
  3. You can donate directly to the Floyd Honey Foundation. You can donate online or download a donation form.

Completed donation forms can be mailed to:

Floyd Honey Foundation
2100 Bloor Street West
Suite 6-344
Toronto, Ontario
M6S 5A5
Donate Online

If donating online via CanadaHelps.org to support a student walker, please be sure to include the name of the school as well as the student's name!

The Floyd Honey Foundation has partnered with CanadaHelps.org, a registered public foundation that seeks to promote and facilitate philanthropy through online giving. CanadaHelps.org offers its services at no cost to the charity or the donor.

Donate Now

To make a donation, start by clicking the 'Donate Now' button above. On the next page, enter the amount you want to donate and click 'Continue'. This will bring you to your 'Giving Basket' where you can click checkout and then follow the instructions to either login to your CanadaHelps.org account or enter payment information manually. All information entered is strictly confidential and securely protected, and donor information is only provided to the charity to which the donation has been made.

How do donors get a receipt?

Donations made through the CanadaHelps.org website are treated in the same way as regular receiptable charitable donations. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has approved the use of electronic tax receipts. Usually within minutes of successfully completing a donation, the donor receives an e-mail notification confirming the transaction. Because it is a registered public foundation, donors are e-receipted for a donation to CanadaHelps.org. The donation is processed and funds are directed to the Floyd Honey Foundation bank account.

Can donors make an anonymous donation?

Yes. All that is required is that the donor checks the appropriate option under the 'Privacy Permissions' section of the 'Tax Receipt and Privacy Info' step of the checkout process and anonymity is guaranteed.

Where the Money Goes

Donations go to the Floyd Honey Foundation and will be used to support homeless youth. For 2013, as per the past few years, FHF will support Eva's Phoenix which is a transitional housing and employment training facility for homeless youth. Eva's Phoenix is part of Eva's Initiatives, a well-respected charity. See the Why We Walk page for a video about Eva's Initiatives

Personal Giving Page

The Floyd Honey Foundation has teamed up with CanadaHelps to provide people with their own personal fundraising pages. You can set a fundraising goal, tell people why you are getting involved, keep track of donations you've received, post a photograph, and send out e-mails to all of your contacts with a link to your web page. It's easy to set up, and safe and secure for you and your donors.

Here's how it works:

  1. Click on this link to go to CanadaHelps to start creating your personal giving page. A new window will open so that you can continue referring to these instructions. You'll need to register with CanadaHelps to create your login account and password. (CanadaHelps is a public, charitable foundation that provides online fundraising support for Canadian charities. More information is available on their website).

  2. Once you've created your account and logged in, click on "Create a giving page"

  3. Fill in the information requested on the page:

    In the personal message section let people know why you are participating and why you think they should make a donation. Here's a sample which you can use, or you can write your own message:

    I'm getting involved in helping homeless young people in Toronto. Your donation will support initiatives designed to break the cycle of homelessness among Canada's youth, support and promote innovative programs that build self-sufficiency and help young people move permanently off the street.

    You can upload an image - a photograph of yourself or something to do with your initiative.
    You can include a fundraising goal - if you do, a bar will be displayed on your page showing how close you are to achieving your goal.
    You can choose whether you want your page to display the donations you receive. If you select to display the donations, individual donors can still choose to make their donations anonymously. You can also choose to be sent an e-mail message whenever someone makes a donation to your page, which gives you the opportunity to thank them for it.
    You should indicate the page expiry date, which is the last date for receiving donations. You should set this for some time after your initiative takes place to allow for late donations.
    Put your name in the "Message to Charity" box and, if you're working with a team, put the team's name as well. Then, everytime a donation is received on your giving page, Walking Home will receive an e-mail letting us know that the funds raised should be considered as part of your own and your team's totals.

  4. After you've entered this information, click "continue", and then enter "Floyd Honey Foundation", "Walk for Homeless Youth", "Winter Walk", or "Walking Home" in the "Search for a Charity" box. When the charity is returned, click "Add to Giving Page" so that your friends and family can donate.

  5. At this point you can preview your page, and then click "Finish my Giving Page" to finalize everything (although you can come back later and make any changes you want).

  6. Now that your new giving page has been created, you can send the link for your page to your friends and family using your e-mail.