Walk For Homeless Youth
The Floyd Honey Foundation advocates for homeless youth in Toronto. We actively involve young people in our initiatives, and partner to provide shelter and transitional housing. Please help!
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Contact Information

Phone: (416) 766-8906
E-mail: [email protected]
Mailing Address:

Floyd Honey Foundation
2100 Bloor Street West
Suite 6-344
Toronto, Ontario
M6S 5A5

Donation Forms can be mailed to the above address.

Floyd Honey Foundation Board Members

Walk for Homeless Youth (WHY) is a project of the Floyd Honey Foundation. Our board of directors consists of:

Mary Ann Archer, Chair
Rod Archer, President, CEO and Treasurer
Jill Coles, Secretary
Luke Coles, Member
Esther Kohn-Bentley, Member
Peter Hart, Member
Marcia McCann, Non-Voting Member